Pressure Cleaning

Xylene vs Alkyd Resin Water Based Sealers

A lot of brick paver driveways are pressure cleaned and sealed with low quality sealers. Some pavers are sealed by spraying on two thin coats of Xylene based sealers

Pressure-Cleaning-Seal-SarasotaThese sealers are readily available at any hardware store. Some seal companies will actually roll on these inexpensive sealers which will turn to a murky grey color in a short period of time, we actually removed the old sealer and applied two coats of UV protective two part epoxy sealer.

These are the same bricks without the cheap rolled on sealers that some companies use

Whether you need us to seal your pavers for the first time, or you need us to remove your old sealer and bring your brick pavers back to looking brand new again.

We only apply a two part epoxy water based sealer that penetrates into your pavers and grout
and protects it from the sun and the elements

We recommend that you pressure clean and seal your brick pavers every two years. This will protect you brick pavers from the sun and the rain.
These penetrating sealers can also help to prevent mold. Water can seep into your un sealed pavers and when it remains there for prolonged periods of time can make a nice surface for mold to grow.Pressure-Cleaning-Seal-Sarasota-2

We first pre treat your entire area and use a high pressure surface washer to remove all dirt and mold from your pavers. Then we re wash the entire surface. Once dry we apply the two part sealer that you can not buy from your local hardware store. We have spent years testing and using all types of brick paver sealers to finally come up with the best product for your brick pavers.

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