Brick Pavers

Brick Paver Repair

If your brick pavers were not installed properly, you won’t usually find out for six to twelve months that your brick pavers may have started to sink in certain areas. Maybe around the edge of your pool or an outside edge of your driveway.

We specialize in brick paver repair for Sarasota and Manatee County

Many times the way your base was compacted directly affects whether your bricks will sink or not. Proper compaction and installation of brick pavers will prevent them from sinking. You also need to seal brick pavers immediately after installation. Sealing your pavers prevents the polymeric sand from shifting. A high quality sealer will prevent rainwater from seeping into your pavers and washing out the crushed concrete base below.

Design Broker can easily repair your sinking brick pavers and prevent them from shifting in the future.

This is something to seriously consider when choosing a brick paver installer in Sarasota.
Design Broker uses a triple compaction process using a superior 250 base. The right material, a proper compaction process, and a superior sealer will prevent you from having a costly repair in the future.

” At Design Broker we do things right the first time”