Q: What is the white stuff on my pavers?

A: Efflorescence: A change on the surface to a powdery substance upon exposure to air, as a crystalline substance through loss of water

Q: What can I do to remove the efflorescence?

A: At Design Broker Inc. We can remove efflorescence and reseal your brick pavers to look new again. Elbow grease and household products, many times, will not remove this powdery substance.

If you live in Sarasota or Manatee county and you are considering getting new brick pavers installed, you can considerably reduce the possibility of efflorescence by purchasing bricks from a company that cures the bricks property before delivery to your home.

Q: Should I always seal my brick pavers right after installation?

A: Yes, many brick paver companies will not include pressure cleaning and sealing with a high quality two part alkyd resin sealer in their bid proposal. Always make sure you ask if they will be sealing your pavers and what type of sealer they will be using. You’ve made a large investment in updating your home. You want to make sure your brick pavers are protected properly. Stay away from Xylene based sealers that sit on top of your pavers instead of penetrating into and protecting your bricks and joint sand.

Q: Should I pressure clean and seal the pavers around my pool?

A: Absolutely, low quality sealers can be slippery. Applying a penetrating sealer will protect your brick paves from the elements and the water from your pool.

Q: What products can I apply to brick pavers myself?

A: The proprietary products we use are not available in any hardware store. We order our sealer directly from the factory.

Q: How often should I seal and pressure clean my homes brick pavers?

A: You need to pressure clean and seal your pavers every 18-24 months.  We usually come out 18 months after your installation to check on your bricks. The sun and rainfall will slowly wear off the finish of your last seal project.  Some paver companies will never seal your bricks sometimes to save money on their bid for installation. You want to ask if sealing is in their proposal and what product they will be using.

Q: How much does sealer cost?

A: The cost to a contractor for this product is $250.00 then the cost to prep and apply. You want to figure around 40 cents per square foot. If your driveway is 800 square feet, you should see approximately $320 on your proposal for pressure cleaning and sealing your brick pavers.

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“It just takes a few extra steps and the correct materials to make sure we do the project right…the first time” John Mueller CEO Sarasota Resident since 1975